Designing your Renovation, Addition or New Home involves a unique balance of knowledge, creativity and problem solving. No two designs are exactly the same because no two clients are exactly the same. Every client has individual needs and circumstances that help to shape the final design. Simply knowing that you "want" to do something is not enough. Understanding your motivation, needs and expectations are keys in a successful design.

The Right Path To Design

West Lane Designs is The Right Path to design your project. West Lane Designs works with you to understand Why the construction project is being considered. For instance some clients come in wanting an addition for a new kitchen. Simple solution, add an addition on to the house and the problem is solved, Right? Wrong! What is it about their existing kitchen that isn't working for them? Would adding an addition solve that problem or create other problems? Perhaps removing an interior wall would solve the problem with the kitchen. West Lane Designs works to help find the best possible solution to your unique design needs.

West Lane Designs utilizes the latest 3D software during the design phase. This software is perfect for showing clients what the finished product will look like before any construction begins. A basic preliminary design will include an exterior 3D picture and 2D floor plans. 3D interior views, Video Walk-throughs, and 3D over views can be added to the preliminary design package.



Drafting your Renovation, Addition or New Home involves a strong understanding of drafting fundamentals along with an in depth knowledge of local building codes and by-laws. It is important to include all the details necessary to properly construct the building. It is these details that will help determine whether or not the construction process runs smoothly. Not enough detail and contractors will be left "guessing" or too much detail and the contractor may overlook important information.

The Right Path To Drafting

West Lane Designs is The Right Path to Drafting your project. West Lane Designs has a firm understanding of local building codes and by-laws. The codes and by-laws are used during the design phase, but specifically referenced in the drafting phase. The client will receive a set of construction drawings that are ready for permits. West Lane Designs is committed to providing construction drawings that are easy to read, well planned, and appropriately detailed.

West Lane Designs works closely with a local Engineering Firm. All of West Lane Designs construction drawings involving structural work are reviewed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

West Lane Designs utilizes the latest version of AutoCAD© during the drafting phase. 3D software is great for making pretty pictures, but sometimes allows the user to design things that aren't easy to build. The ability to draft the construction drawings in a 2D format works as a quality control measure. This "breakdown" of the 3D drawing is what helps with the understanding of how the project will be completed. It is during this time that potential construction related issues are identified and resolved.

Construction drawings are broken into two sections. The space planning section and the structural section. The space planning section typically includes a Site Plan, Exterior Elevations, Floor Plans, Wall & Ceiling details, Special insulation and drywall details as required. The structural section typically includes a Foundation Plan, Main Floor Framing Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Building Section and Structural Details.



Space planning consultations requires a working knowledge of basic design principles, but also the ability to challenge those principles when it is appropriate. A "thinking outside the box" approach can often lead to a idea that had not been considered. A successful space planning consultation depends on the ability of the consultant to understand the client’s specific issue and identify possible solutions.

A successful structural consultation involves in-depth analysis of multiple components to determine structural integrity. The two most common types of questions clients will have are: "Can I take down this wall?" or "Is my house going to fall down?" After collecting the necessary information a structural consultant can provide answers for both.

The Right Path To Consultations

West Lane Designs is The Right Path for space planning consultations. West Lane Designs incorporates functionality and structural analysis into spacing planning consultations. The result is a space that works for the client and is efficient and cost-effective.

West Lane Designs is The Right Path for structural consultations. Drywall cracking in the ceiling? Water coming in your basement? Both are potential signs that your building is moving. The amount of movement, and over what period the event occurred, is useful in assessing the situation. A number of homes in and around Winnipeg experience "shifting". This is due, in part, to the high clay content of the soil. Clay is extremely susceptible to changes in volume based on water content which can negatively impact the foundation of your home.



Reserve Fund Study for Condominiums

A Reserve Fund Study is the analysis of common elements of a building complex, reviewing the reserve fund and preparing a reserve fund plan. The process requires individuals with a high level of understanding of both building elements and financial planning. A complete and accurate Reserve Fund Study is key to the financial success of a condominium.

The Right Path To Reserve Fund Studies

West Lane Designs is The Right Path for your Reserve Fund Study. An extensive knowledge of building components and building construction combined with a strong understanding of accounting principles allows West Lane Designs to conduct accurate comprehensive Reserve Fund Studies.

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