Drafting your Renovation, Addition or New Home involves a strong understanding of drafting fundamentals along with an in depth knowledge of local building codes and by-laws. It is important to include all the details necessary to properly construct the building. It is these details that will help determine whether or not the construction process runs smoothly. Not enough detail and contractors will be left "guessing" or too much detail and the contractor may overlook important information.

The Right Path To Drafting

West Lane Designs is The Right Path to Drafting your project. West Lane Designs has a firm understanding of local building codes and by-laws. The codes and by-laws are used during the design phase, but specifically referenced in the drafting phase. The client will receive a set of construction drawings that are ready for permits. West Lane Designs is committed to providing construction drawings that are easy to read, well planned, and appropriately detailed.

West Lane Designs works closely with a local Engineering Firm. All of West Lane Designs construction drawings involving structural work are reviewed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.

West Lane Designs utilizes the latest version of AutoCAD© during the drafting phase. 3D software is great for making pretty pictures, but sometimes allows the user to design things that aren't easy to build. The ability to draft the construction drawings in a 2D format works as a quality control measure. This "breakdown" of the 3D drawing is what helps with the understanding of how the project will be completed. It is during this time that potential construction related issues are identified and resolved.

Construction drawings are broken into two sections. The space planning section and the structural section. The space planning section typically includes a Site Plan, Exterior Elevations, Floor Plans, Wall & Ceiling details, Special insulation and drywall details as required. The structural section typically includes a Foundation Plan, Main Floor Framing Plan, Roof Framing Plan, Building Section and Structural Details.