expert space-planning and structural consultations

Space Planning Consultations

Space planning consultations requires a working knowledge of basic design principles, but also the ability to challenge those principles when it is appropriate. A "thinking outside the box" approach can often lead to a idea that had not been considered. A successful space planning consultation depends on the ability of the consultant to understand the client’s specific issue and identify possible solutions.

Structural Consultations

A successful structural consultation involves in-depth analysis of multiple components to determine structural integrity. The two most common types of questions clients will have are: "Can I take down this wall?" or "Is my house going to fall down?" After collecting the necessary information we can provide answers for both.

West Lane Designs incorporates functionality and structural analysis into spacing planning consultations. The result is a space that works for the client and is efficient and cost-effective.

Drywall cracking in the ceiling? Water coming in your basement? Both are potential signs that your building is moving. The amount of movement, and over what period the event occurred, is useful in assessing the situation. A number of homes in and around Winnipeg experience "shifting". This is due, in part, to the high clay content of the soil. Clay is extremely susceptible to changes in volume based on water content which can negatively impact the foundation of your home. Our report will show you what the structural problems are and how they can be fixed.