Design your dream renovation, addition or new home

Designing your renovation, addition or new home involves a unique balance of knowledge, creativity and problem solving. No two designs are exactly the same because no two clients are exactly the same. Every client has individual needs and circumstances that help to shape the final design. Simply knowing that you "want" to do something is not enough. Understanding your motivation, needs and expectations are keys in a successful design.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Unique Design Needs

We work with you to understand why the construction project is being considered. For instance, some clients come in wanting an addition for a new kitchen. Simple solution, add an addition on to the house and the problem is solved, right? Wrong! What is it about their existing kitchen that isn't working for them? Would adding an addition solve that problem or create other problems? Perhaps removing an interior wall would solve the problem with the kitchen. West Lane Designs works to help find the best possible solution for your unique design needs.

See What the Finished Product Will Look Like Before Any Construction Work Begins

West Lane Designs utilizes the latest 3D software during the design phase. This software is perfect for showing clients what the finished product will look like before any construction begins. A basic preliminary design will include an exterior 3D picture and 2D floor plans. 3D interior views, Video Walk-throughs, and 3D over views can be added to the preliminary design package.